Why you should (co-)produce your next film in the Dominican Republic

For tourists the Dominican Repubic means a relaxing vacation in a tropical paradise.

For Filmmakers the Dominican Republic means working in film studio facilitys that are amongst the most modern in South America, a competent local filmcrew that has gained its experience by working in cinematically sophisticated high budget Hollywood productions, diverse locations one would usually have to fly across different climate zones for, unbeatably low production costs and a generous governmental and private film funding program that has yet to be rivalled with.

  • Locations
    Even though the Dominican Republic is mostly known for its never ending beaches and tropical forests, its natural environment also offers areas that categorize at the opposite extremes such as sandy deserts, frosty mountains and everything between.
    The Dominican Republic also thrives in a wide variety of architectual structures, reaching from big city casinos and luxury hotels to colonial zones and an authentic italian renaissance town which was created by two film architects of Paramount Pictures.
  • State of the Art Equipment
    The studios as for example the Pinewood Studios and water tanks are amongst if not the most modern filming facilitys in South America while still being affordable for film makers with a budget that’s widely beneath eight digits.
    The most recent major production that was filmed there is “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” starring Vin Diesel in 2017.
  • Experienced Casts and Crews
    The Dominican Republic is the home of a variety of Hollywood’s Crème de la Crème movie library, starting with “The Godfather II” in the 1970s.
    The Dominican Republic has been Hollywoods filming location of choice in the Caribbean ever since, working together with local production managers, casts and crews in each project.
  • Financial Assets
    The Dominican film fund is dividable in three basic ideas:

a transferable tax credit worth
25% of the precalculated production related costs

total VAT exemption

Income tax rebates for local movie investors and supporters

All of which are underlined by a price-perfomance ratio which only requires little investments for great results.

The Barolo Film Factory aims to support film makers in the process of filming together with the Dominican Republic from start to finish.