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CEO Gerhard Brugger wanted to study at the Film university  Munich, but didn’t get the approval.
So instead he studied Biology and Photography in Cologne where he was teaching in a Montessori-College.
Later he opened up a Foto Studio at Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria.

1984/1986  G.B invented the first electronic Film Viewers (Optilyser and Profilyser)  which were distributed from Kodak, Konica and others in 28 countries. G.B. is holding more than 10 photographic patents, patented designs and trade marks (mostly for photographic and film lighting control systems). He was CEO of the company bbs bild- und lichtsysteme developing and producing electronics and software i.e. for KODAK, AGFA, KONICA, ZEISS, LEICA and HUAWEI.

His first PR movie was made 1984 by – at the time – two unknown wedding videographers:
Marcus O. Rosenmüller and Werner Koenig (Magic Movie).

Marcus O. Rosenmueller (Magic Video)
Werner König (Magic Video and Helkon)

By today Marcus O. Rosenmüller directed more than 20 feature films.

Werner Koenig founded HELKON (which became #3 of the German film marketing companies) until he died in a snow avalanche in the year  2000. His idol and also greatest rival was none other than Leo Kirch.

The student Leo Kirch bought the film rights of Frederico Feillinis movie “La Strada” with loaned money in 1956 and founded KIRCH MEDIA, which later owned the rights of more than 10.000 feature films and about 40.000 hours of different movie series franchises and became #1 in the German film market.

The trial of five Deutsche Bank executives that focuses on the 2002 collapse of the Kirch Media empire came in the headlines, when a former employee in court said the bank had given its client’s potential breakup a code name: Barolo.

Mr. Kirch died in 2011. He and later his heirs, alleged Mr. Breuer the chief executive from the Deutsche Bank intentionally made the statements to precipitate the media company’s collapse, and then profit from investment banking fees in its ensuing breakup.

In 2014 the heirs were paid 925 million Euros due to court settlement.

Gerhard Brugger decided to continue the great work of his friend  Werner Koenig and his idol Leo Kirch and in 2014 founded the “Barolo film factory” in Dominican Republic